Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke

This will not be the intellectual review that I wish it was.

I really thoroughly enjoyed this book. Susanna Clarke writes with the same wit and detail that I would expect from Jane Austen and the others, and to me, this is as if Jane herself picked up a pen in some alternate universe and sent a jolt to Susanna, Jane's voice echoing in her head "You must write this." She's created a world that I could imagine was real at one point, that never seemed implausible or too "out there" I love her..what's the word I'm looking for..Victorian style. She clenches that in her hand and never falters, not even once. Her characters are so vivid, some more likable than others certainly, but still wonderfully written characters that I actually took interest in. I became immersed in her world, and everything in it that sometimes I could feel a corset pressing my belly or a silken glove on my hand as I mingled with Mrs. Godesdone's acquaintances, or I could hear the whispers of the statues as Mr. Norrell had them under his magic in my sleep. I know a lot people said the footnotes slowed them down, but they only furthered my enjoyment. I felt, when reading those, that I was getting only deeper into her world with the "history" she wrote behind it.

I definite recommended read to anyone who loves magic, and the Regency Era.