Currently listening to the Anything Goes cast CD with Patti Lupone. So obsessed with "Blow, Gabriel Blow!" OMG it's so exciting!!

I was really spoiled this year by my mom and grandmom, and was able to get an amazon gift card with cash I got, but I'm not sure what Kindle books I'll get yet! *bounces*

Family pics first. One of them is blurry, unfortunately.

My sister Beth in her lovely dress slept over Christmas Eve, and she loved the Kindle Fire I got her!

Me in a new Christmas sweater and scarf as well as boots and dark denim jeans I wore to my grandmoms dinner. By the way, she made these pastries called Napoleons--DELICIOUS. LIKE...IF I DIDN'T GET FAT, I'D EAT THEM EVERY DAY.

Left: My mom, Pop Earl, Me, Matt & Sabrina, Carter and my grandpop, behind my mom near the stairs.
Right: My grandmom and Carter on her lap, me, Matt & Sabrina, Grandpop.

Carter playing with his dumptruck on the left and little chubby girl Parker asleep in her carrier.

from bottom to top:
From my mom: Everyone Can Draw book, The Secrets of Paris by Michael Kerrigan, Tumbleweeds by Leila Meacham, Juicing Smoothies and Blended Drinks, and The Vampire Book.
From my Grandma: The World of Downton Abbey, The Complete Judy Garland, Below Stairs by Margaret Powell, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day DVD, and The Incredible Umbrella by Marvin Kaye. Also, a Van Gogh inspired Doctor Who bookmark!

I also got lotions from one of my favourite stores, Bath and Body Works: Paris Amour, Mad About You, Vanilla Bean Noel, French Lavendar Honey, and Beautiful Day. I also got a little bottle of purple nail polish.

I got some clothes as well.

A wonderful PJ set which I went ecstatic over, a t-shirt with Audrey on the front, polka dot pants and fluffy black socks. Then a lovely tan sweater which comfy blue jeggings.

Another sweater with black jeggings and a floral pullover shirt.

A lovely red shirt with black lace and birdcages, and a black and white dress for spring.

My new boots and a bunch of stocking stuffers including incense!

a vintage Mickey and Minnie popcorn tin. :D

So many goodies! I'll be 400 pounds! the milkshake I bought on my way home from the dinner, so it's empty, but what am I gonna do with all those cookies and dark chocolate??! So much for losing weight...