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A few months ago, if you had asked me about whether I wanted a Kindle or how I felt about ereaders, I would've went on a very long tirade. Like so many others, I was so totally wrong. You see, I was worried that I would be contributing to the "print is dead" idea and making matters worse, because though I adore my Kindladoodle (my nickname for it) nothing will replace physical books in my heart. If I suddenly stopped collecting physical books, I would be wasting my beautiful bookshelves! I'll always swap books and collect them (and bookmarks too!) I love the designs and dustjackets and the smell of paper and ink, especially old book smells. Now with my Kindle, I'll be more selective about what print books I get, saving my shelves for special books. I've only had mine for a few weeks now, and I've already warmed up to the major benefits. 1. Kindle books are so so much cheaper-in fact, I bought a novel yesterday for 99 cents. You don't have to pay for shipping and a lot of older titles are free, because they're out of copyright. Most of the stuff on my wishlists range from 99 cents to the most (upcoming) expensive Kindle books (books on my pre-order I NEED list) at 10.99 and 11.99.

I love that they have so many pretty case options for Kindles too--I got mine on Etsy.
A Kindle can hold a quite a few books, and it's weirdly exhilarating to have so many books I want so cheap and easily accessible and to be able to carry so many books with me wherever I go. I've been reading it everywhere. At breakfast, in the car...on the toilet...OK maybe not!

I think it's probably the best decision I've ever made. I've found *whispers* several sites for uhm....well, a black market for Kindle books...

I also am a member of Scribd (7.99 a month for unlimited reading AND audiobooks), which I love, it's like Netflix for ebooks, and has lots and lots of titles to rent. I did try Kindle Unlimited, but I found their selection weak and full of naked airbrushed people self-published erotica. I like good erotica after a bubblebath as much as the next person *wink* but I decided after looking at all three options selections: Scribd, Oyster and Kindle Unlimited that Scribd was better fitting of my reading tastes, and they're always adding new books, which is assuring, as there's still so many books I wanna rent. I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't have to buy every book I want to read, especially when quite a few times I've been let down by a novel.

Well, that's my two cents. If you're considering an ereader, I want to steer you away from the latest e-ink reader, Kindle Voyage. I made that mistake before I switched it for my Kindle Fire. Not only is it in colour, but you can also take pictures on it, Skype, and apps for renting systems like, Scribd and Oyster are only available on Kindle fire and tablets and NOT available at all on regular Kindles. Kindle Fire also has an audiojack to listen to audiobooks with, which is a plus. Kindle Voyage is ok for general reading, but it's so small, and compared to the Kindle seems underwhelming after all the build up for it (I'll be using the Voyage for vacations, I think) I generally only use my Fire for random surfing  (looking up a picture of a castle mentioned in a book, or something of that sort), reading and Skype text messaging and taking random pictures, as I have no interest in playing games or watching movies on it, but it's perfect really.

If I could meet up with my past anti-Kindle self, I'd say "What are you thinking?"